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Management (#692.049.913) 

Lieu: N'importe où en Maroc (CV #692.049.913)

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My desire to be in an international environment to pursue my goals made me decide to apply for my Masters in Business Administration in one of the best universities in the west of the U.S. I started my masters in August 2014 at Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond, U.S, where I have learnt quite an invaluable knowledge in the field of business. Regarding my undergraduate program, I got a Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies, from UM5S, Rabat, Morocco.

As a part of my curriculum, I used to work for C2 Catering, a catering company, In Oklahoma, as a management and marketing assistant. I used to Maintain accounting records by making copies and filing documents, maintain accounting databases by entering data into the computer (quickbooks) and processing backups, organize meetings internally and externally, calculate and check to make sure payments, amounts and records are correct, provide marketing tracking and research information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends, and update competitor database by inputting data from field sales; compiling, consolidating, formatting, and summarizing information, graphs, and presentations.

I also worked at Dell, Okc, as a technical support specialist, where I used to provide first-level technical support on Dell Supplied software and applications to the point of installation and basic use, or to the level of service appropriate to the warranty offered on the product, identify and provide input on unique or recurring customer problems, actively support the customer in all aspects through to problem resolution, and keep the customer informed and updated throughout life of incident.

I understand the commercial realities affecting the organization. I know how to gather information systematically to establish facts and principles. I adapt successfully to changing situations and environments, and I have problem-solving skills. I determine the best course of action; evaluate options based on logic & fact, and present solutions. I am also able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions.

Informations personnelles

Yassine Sniter
26 Années

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Statut de l'emploi
Temps plein
Type de Salaire
Salaire fixe
Lieu de travail souhaité
N'importe où en  Maroc

Niveau de qualification

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Master  (Yassine Sniter) de Oklahoma Christian University

Données professionnelles

Expérience professionnelle
2 Années 5 Mois
Connaissances linguistiques
Français (Intermédiaire)
Anglais (Expert)
Arabe (Expert)

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